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ANDUANDU.... INC.   An International Organization


Mark A. Matheson



Our Goals    

andUandU's... Revolutionary Vision

The andUandU... Symbol

andUandU...A Sign of Hope, Peace and Friendship

andUandU... Insignia

andUandU... Rule's and Regulation's  (R's & R's)

Ownership, Leadership and Operations...

A Variety of Future Non-Profits

The Financing of andUandU...

andUandU General Expenses

andUandU... Location

andUandU... What's in a name?



andUandU... can exemplify what love is all about. We were envisaged to bring love back to a world that too often lacks it. We yearn for a more loving and caring world and we will do our best to make it so. We can help bring contentment to those who lack it by identifying their needs and creating an environment where people want to help them. For many they can learn how rewarding it is to give. For others they will understand how unfair it is to have so much when many have so little.

andUandU is our response to help repair the damage that has been done to our earth's plants, wildlife, and its people. We live on a planet that is in crisis, both environmentally and socially. We must change this predominant mememememe attitude; it is a dangerous, destructive, and selfish way of thinking.

When we think of our earth we should think of it as one big community. What one community does in one part of the world often affects people in other parts of the world. We need to be aware of how our neighbors are doing in our earth and help them live in contentment.

andUandU can be realized as the place to turn to for refuge and a place that exists because we want to help U realize a better world. Starvation and curable illnesses can become things of the past. Our organization is what our world so desperately needs.

We adamantly believe that andUandU...  needs to become a worldwide help center and a safe house. A haven that has various intellects gathering together to resolves critical issues of our earth that continue to plague us.

To earn ur trust all of our work will be done giving highest regards to ethics and transparency. This in turn we expect from governments, corporations, our satellite members or any other entity we deal with. We can give updates and progress reports concerning any issues that “U” feel relevant unless there are legal or ethical reasons why this is not possible.

andUandU...  Is in 5 SECTORS:

CommunityandU, HelpandU, OurenviromentandU, CharityandU and OurearthandU (CHOCO)

All of these Sectors will have the ability to operate independent of one each other and will all have their own headquarters possibly located close to each other.

andUandU...  when dealing with our Brothers and Sisters of Ourearth community will: “Lean Always Toward Empathy”. (LATE)


We are doing what we are doing for U. Please help us make this dream a reality. Together U andUandU...  working together can turn our earth around. andUandU... can make this world a healthier and safer place to live for all of its inhabitants and bring people closer together while doing this.

To nurture and grow such a huge World Organization is a monumental task. Our earth needs ur help to turn this desperate situation we're in around. We aspire to show U the importance of this new vision.

Without a new vision we believe that despite the best effort of our leaders, their plans for our future will not work. The only way we can make sustainable advancements that can save our earth and its inhabitants, is to make changes from within. Once U stop thinking about mememe... then 'U' will find ways to cure our sick earth by taking part and mobilizing andUandU...

Our Goals

As support for andUandU grows and resources and manpower become available we will do our best to:

1. Motivate people to love - We want U to be inspired by love to make our earth a much happier and friendlier place to live, for all its inhabitants.

2.  Make or maintain peace through love. - By sharing our love we will help prevent or cause unrest to diminish.

3. To become a voice for all people - Together we will amplify ur voices and help U get the outcomes that U desire.

4. Stimulate people using various means to make a positive impact. - We have come up with many ideas. We can represent so much of what is good about humanity. We would like to inspire a movement that causes many of our ideas to come to fruition for humanity’s sake.

5. Help provide the necessities of life - Water, Sanitation, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education and Medical Aid.

We can try to supply these goods and services above, once we find out what is needed.  In the long term our goal is to lean toward helping making people become more self- sufficient. We must Lean Always Toward Empathy (L.A.T.E.) when dealing with whomever we are in contact with.

One of the ways we can achieve these goals is to provide more communities that care.  One of purposes of this World Organization andUandU... is to bring together the various groups, organizations and disciplines and have them form into communities. (See Each discipline, profession or interest group would form their own community: ie; ActorsandU, ElderlyandU and DoctorsandU and many others.  Like a large extended family, they get to meet likeminded people.  All these communities will know that their existence was founded on the belief that a close-knit community brings forth contentment. It is this type of community that helps more and gives more to charity. These communities will be part of andUandU's CommunityandU Sector.

6. Link charities for optimal cost and benefit - It is hoped that andUandU...   can become the place to turn to for all charitable organizations and for those that need help, so problem areas are identified, and the proper aid is dispatched. The charity sector will be called CharityandU.

In CharityandU, U will find charities listed with links so U can find out all U need to know about them. They will be required to disclose their financial information; so we know how much money is actually going to those in need.

In the long term andUandU...  and other interested parties, will study the needs of all geographical areas with the priority going to the areas of greatest need. Once these needs are identified we will get help from our members, governments, and other charitable organizations to solve the areas problems. To read more about this go to and read HelpandU needs assessment.

We will prevent duplication of services once we calculate exactly what is needed for each geographic area.

7.  Educate and train people for long-term benefit - Although some people may not believe education is a necessity of life; the only way the above needs can be met in the long term, is through education. andUandU... will try to get its Members and potential members of all disciplines to look after the needs of the above disadvantaged according to their specialization.

Teachers, professors, doctors and trades people (welders, electricians, pipe fitters etc.) could donate their time to educate and train people in need. For those people or our member communities that are not part of the education and training volunteer force or are unable to donate their time, could instead donate money. That money could pay for wages when there are not enough volunteers, or it could go towards volunteer's expenses.

8. Set Standards and Increase Help Provided - We can identify what help is needed in a given area and provide more help if needed. We will do this by increasing the ability of existing help centers to provide aid and/or open an andUandU help facility.  When andUandU gets involved we will attempt to set up a certain standard of care that is provided that is accepted internationally. Examples of Help Centers would be foodbanks, shelters, and medical centers. Those in need are our equals and there should be a minimum standard that at the very least we meet. The Help Centers that these people turn to should be financed by donations from individuals like millionaires and billionaires, our member communities, charities, and governments. Volunteers could help build and operate these centers. The social and economic impact of improving the lives of these individuals in need benefits society in general. Less crime and lower health care costs will result.

9. Provide a safe place  for Specialists to gather and do their research - andUandU... can become a place where specialists can get together to help resolve social, economic and environmental problems. Records of meetings and research done on site and abroad will be collected and disclosed, so that everyone is on the same page. Certain aspects of our work might have to be kept private to prevent copying of our work by those who might want to put their own patent on it. Working openly to resolve the various problems faced by humanity and Mother Nature in general, will lead to quicker positive results.

10. Strive to make our earth's environment healthy again - We can do our very best to ensure a healthy survival of our species and that of all species we share this planet with. We can help provide the ways and means to do so. In the future we can provide all of the answers to any question concerning anything that will make our earth's more environmentally friendly.

andUandU's... Revolutionary Vision

Our revolutionary vision is one of the main functions of andUandU… is that our operation be synonymous with a bicycle wheel. In the center of the wheel is the axle which we will call love. andUandU is based on love. If U are a Christian, then God equals love. Our love for humanity compels us to do what is right.

The andUandU Headquarters is like the Hub spinning around the axle. For a Christian, Jew or Moslem the axle could be synonymous to God. He is at the center of our lives as the axle is the center of our wheel.

Our future Guardian, C.E.O and our Directors would be like the bearings, making thoughtful decisions (providing the grease), so that the andUandU... headquarters and operations run smoothly. The Hub is attached to the rim by the spoke nipples. Along the circumference of the rim are our sectors, sections, and satellite members. The spokes act like a conduit where information and knowledge are passed back and forth so that Hub and its sectors, sections and satellite members can learn from each other and share knowledge to ensure that maximum benefit is being achieved. Using the wheel analogy, it is as if they were turning the rim by means of turning the spoke nipples. The rim can be adjusted by our sectors and satellite members, who realize that they can utilize their members' skills and financial resources to benefit those that are in need. The truing of the rim makes peoples(andus) lives go smoother. Many of these communities would also work together to improve our environment.

Involvement in such communities would be proof that they have accepted that it is more rewarding to give than to receive. The mememe… people will dwindle and our earth will become a kinder and safer place.

We are a special wheel; we can adjust the wheel from the center too. We are like a mother guiding our members; information is fed back and forth through the cords (spokes) that bind us. That back-and-forth relationship is similar in many ways to position our children as we as adults find ourselves today. Just as our children look to us for help, so do we look to them for the latest advances? This symbiotic relationship between andUandU... and its members can make each of us grow stronger. andUandU... would become the resource center providing information, not only to help the disadvantaged but to improve the lives of all of U.

This type of bond is very important because in the end our children will benefit the most from andUandU...

The rim is surrounded by the ecosystem (tire) which all plant and animals depend on. If we don't manage our resources (air in the tire) to the betterment of the people and all living organisms and plant life; the tire will fail.

Right now, this wheel (our earth) is hitting the forks hard. The tread is getting worn thin and at the rate we're going the tire will blow and we will fall into the abyss.

We feel strongly that now is the time for us to mobilize andUandU... so our earth will become a much closer knit and caring community with a healthy environment.

It is critically important that we build our OurenvironmentandU Sector into a functioning organization. An organization where U can find many answers to solve all environmental problems. Problems that we would all be brought to light on this site. A sector that people are drawn to and motivated into action because of what they learn. Most will feel compelled to do their share to help create a healthy environment.

The andUandU... Symbol

The symbol of andUandU... is two outstretched hands forming two large U”s with ur baby fingers facing the front and the thumbs side by side facing ur face. The U is between ur thumb and ur four fingers. The significant factor of the andUandU... symbol are the hands should be moulded from a real person's hands. The hands should be female because andUandU… like a mother can nurture us back to health. A female is better suited for that role. In certain cultures, women don’t get the chance to take on the leading role.


Since it is such an important symbol there should be a search for the person that perhaps symbolizes the best attributes of such a charitable organization. For example, it could be a volunteer from Africa or some other country that has worked over and above the average person to better the lives of people in their community. Or perhaps it is the hands of a special child who has benefited from charity or is in need of charity. I was sponsoring a child through World Vision from Sierra Leone named Jenneh, perhaps she would be an ideal candidate. Jenneh became successful and no longer needed to be sponsored.

Such a search for that special person worldwide could generate a lot of interest around the world and could get billions more interested in the good andUandU... can do. The person that is picked then could be featured and become a spokesperson for our organization.

This symbol could be bronzed or made durable in other ways, so it is protected from the elements. This symbol should be on statues, (possibly in front of main buildings of the andUandU site and its member communities), trophy style and its likeness on various paraphernalia.

It is hoped that the people of this world would want to own items that portray the symbol, similar to other items that have various corporate trademarks on them.

andUandU... A Sign of Hope, Peace and Friendship

Since andUandU... can benefit the world and can do so much to better the lives of so many, when U wave form the U with ur hand, this will become a welcome sign. When people meet, they can give each other that sign of love, hope, friendship and peace.  The existence of andUandU...  is predicated on the fact that this world can and shall become a better place to live if we all work together to make it happen. It is a way to redistribute wealth and make its members and people happier by giving and/or receiving. Since andUandU... cares so much about the wellbeing of people in this world, including their environment it can only be a good thing when U are greeted by the sign.

Imagine if U were in an area that U might consider a hostile environment and people around the world knew what the U symbols meant. Perhaps U made the andUandU... symbols and U are greeted by the same response. It could only be a good sign and have the significant effect of making U feel good and hopeful of better things to come.

By now U can tell that we have huge expectations of the potential of andUandU... doing so much good. If andUandU…was functioning like it should be and the citizens of a rogue country like North Korea knew we were trying to help, perhaps we could help topple governments. If we let the military and its people know that were trying to help by dropping flyers, through radio, internet, television they might overthrow Kim Jong-un. Let us try whatever it takes to let every country know we want to improve their lives.

An organization such as ours is going to be more able than governments to convince people to change their ways for the betterment of its people. We are neutral and care for the wellbeing of all people on our earth. Perhaps when we believers of the power of the andUandU...the U's with our hands when met with weapons like guns and knives we could cause our opposition to drop their weapons and return the sign. Who knows, it is worth a try if our organization gets as well known and appreciated as it should be.


The andUandU... Insignia

Our insignia “U” will be associated with honesty, integrity, and environmental stewardship. It can be displayed worldwide. Whoever has qualified to display our insignia should be recognized for a job well done. They have met a standard that exemplifies what can be achieved by doing things right for the environment and/or humankind. Other businesses, organizations and interests in the related fields should try to emulate the andUandU standard. Our insignia will be displayed on a multitude of places on flags of ships, outside of stores, mining sites, industrial areas, City Limit signs, HelpandU affiliated locations and other places:

(1) Types of ships - It could be found on fishing boats of all sizes, that have proven they are using nets or other devices required for catching the fish they are permitted to catch. The fish that of are of the wrong species caught accidentally are released or given away to help those who are in need of food but can't afford it. These ships allow inspections on demand by authorities immediately without contest. It could possibly be found on other types of ships for other reasons that are good for the environment.

(2) Stores that will display our insignia will be grocery stores who have done their best to not waste. They are composting all organic matter; they are recycling all possible products and they are donating whatever they can to food banks. They will be praised for energy conservation with heat and refrigeration needs. These stores will be granted the right to display our insignia. Grocery stores such as this should be supported by the public.

(3) Mining sites and companies could display the insignia if they were environmentally friendly. These companies and sites would: generate acceptable levels of hazardous wastes, be energy efficient, rejuvenate land that was damaged by mining operations, hire local people and compensate local landowners and/or indigenous people.

(4) Industrial areas that could qualify would be environmentally friendly by generating little waste, being energy efficient and a producer of products that help the environment.

(5) Cities that are extremely environmentally friendly would qualify. They would have to recycle wherever possible, provide many green spaces, be energy efficient, provide public transit, conserve water and contribute minimally to landfill waste.  These cities sort through their garbage, so much of it can be burned in thermal generating plants, if these plants were available.  Cities could be recognized for ensuring that much of the materials generated from the removal of buildings and other structures are reused or recycled. Cities could also be recognized for sharing their knowledge of environmental initiatives. They could be contributing so much for the greening of our earth, so many of Ourearth's population are city dwellers.

(6) HelpandU affiliated locations will have the insignia “U” displayed because they have met a higher standard than normal. When U go to these places, U will be looked after. U are being cared for by qualified people who empathize with U. These places meet a worldwide standard. When that standard can't be met in an existing andUandU facility, possibly because a lack of trained people and/or lack of resources, it then is downgraded to a regular help center and the “U” is covered temporarily or removed. Examples of HelpandU affiliated centers would be food banks, medical centers and shelters.    


andUandU's Rule's and Regulation's (R&R's)

As citizens of Ourearth we are all Brother's and Sister's. We must treat each other with respect and dignity, empathizing with those in need. We must always do our best when representing andUandU. We need to gain the confidence of humanity.

Any person or persons who are perceived not portray these positive attributes while representing the andUandU community maybe removed from their position, while an investigation is done. If they are found to be guilty of breaking our R & R's the penalty they receive may be diminished somewhat, if for some reason the injured party asks for leniency. A reason for this could be because they forgave the wrongs against them.

If one of our Charter communities violates our R's & R's they must rectify the situation and could even lose their right to be an andUandU... member.

andUandU is family oriented. Families from all races and religions will be surfing our websites, checking out any of our correspondence. We want parents and caregivers not to be concerned about what their children are absorbing from our andUandU family. Therefore, we will dissuade cursing, swearing or profanity of any kind, nudity, prejudice of any kind. We will be tolerant of all religions as long as they are guided by love, not harming the body, mind or soul.

Our organization whenever it is ethically possible will follow the laws of the country, we are in. If our member knowingly breaks their laws, then discipline maybe in order. When laws are allegedly broken, they must be reported to management. The laws that we regard as more severe when broken are those laws that are like those laws of the place where andUandU… headquarters are located. Those laws are the ones from which the andUandU... standard will be set.

Ownership and Operational Criteria of our andUandU... Community

The andUandU... Inc. Our site and its five sectors will always be governed by our future World Non-Profit Corporation.


The sectors are: CommunityandU, HelpandU, OurenviromentandU, CharityandU and OurearthandU.

Acronym - C.H.O.C.O.

Lean Always Toward Empathy



The people (andus) are the owners of andUandU... The leader of the people(andus) will be the Guardian. Our Guardian will be chosen by me, possibly our Enabler(s) and other ANDUANDU... members.  Our Guardian could be our Enabler. The significance of having andUandU… as a functioning Non-Profit would warrant people like President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Paul Hewson (Bono) endorsing it.

Once operational every Sector and Section of andUandU…which includes CommunityandU’s potential satellite members (ex. ActorsandU, BillionairesandU, FireservicesandU and DoctorsandU,) must follow our Rules and Regulations. If their organization is conducting business contrary to our Rules and Regulations and they have been served notice of “Regulation Breach” and they must immediately begin to rectify the situation. They have a maximum of one month to rectify the Breach or their affiliation to andUandU... could be terminated.

That month could be extended in the event of an appeal. If their affiliation with andUandU…is terminated there will be announcements of such, and their website will be taken off our Domains for U list. Their affiliation with andUandU may be granted back to the organization if they can prove that they will follow set Rules and Regulations.

Each new member organization will be given The Charter of andUandU... it will spell out the benefits of becoming a member and will contain a written andUandU constitution.                                                                                                                                                                        

It is the responsibility of each andUandU member organization to incorporate, finance and set up the infrastructure for their andU community. We will accumulate a database where we can help U overcome any issues U might have and give U answers to ur important questions. In the future we can help U with website design and offer the use of andUandU web templates to save costs.

Leadership of each community shall be directed by a member of each group or organization. The leader must believe in andUandU... and its philosophy.

The leader of a Sector will be a Governor. The leader of a Sectors Section will be a Stewart of andUandU... The leader of a “Satellite” organization of CommunityandU will be a CEO. One of the roles they will play is to bring together their related fields or disciplines before and after they become a community of andUandU. Each Governor, Steward or CEO will have a Board of Directors who will help manage the affairs of their community.

No will be allowed to exist if it is seen not to be guided by love.

A Variety of Future Non-Profits

We believe that there is not any of our andUandU...related potential organizations that should not exist. There is a dire need for these potential organizations in the disciplines we have portrayed. In the future if a similar organization exists then they can become part of our andUandU... organization. These organizations if permitted by andUandU… can change their name, so their new name ends in andU.

The Financing of andUandU... and its uses.

andUandU... can have the potential to change our earth making it a much more loving and caring place to live for all its inhabitants. All U have to do is believe in love and express that love to others in ways that will change, not only their life for the better, but will make ur life richer by doing so. Doing good for others always makes the giver feel better. U may not see the good U have done in person but knowing that ur money was well spent to help others or to help andUandU operate will be a very satisfying experience.

All it would take is one millionaire or billionaire to finance andUandU... until it is up and running. Just think about how fast we would grow if we got donations from more than one wealthy person or organization.  We can finance ourselves with donations from various sources for instance people like U andU... and from what we will eventually sell. As we get membership in our CommunityandU sector, we can have more income coming in. We eventually plan on getting revenue from OurearthandU sector.

All of the sectors: Communityand U, HelpandU, OurenvironmentandU, CharityandU and OurearthandU are capable of operating on their own with proper financing but the andUandU... Inc. should become a working reality before any of our sectors are running independently. When we turn into a Non-profit we can have money donated to us.


Eventually U will be able to donate to whatever Non-profit that is associated with andUandU... and get tax receipts. We will have to build all these Non-profits with ur help. Will U champion or play a role in making one or more of our Non-profits a reality?

For each of our andUandU organizations U will eventually be able to see who gives over $1000. U will be able to see ur name or business name, ur town, state or province and ur country, if U want this information given out.

Donation categories are as follows $1000-$9999, $10,000-$99999, $100,000-$999999. $1,000,000-.... Rest assured that any money that is donated will be used on legitimate expenses and will go towards whatever U have earmarked ur money for. The only reason it might not be used for the reason it was intended is if andUandU... encounters circumstances that require urgent financial redress. That money that was not allotted for the redress will be tracked and used for what it was intended for ASAP. U will know when and why andUandU had to redistribute monies.

andUandU will be known for its transparency. Honesty and integrity are what U will witness from our organization. If donations are surpassing what is required, we will continue accepting money until we have a float of twenty five percent above projected costs. These monies will be used for future expenses and a notice will go up that we have met our goals and to discontinue giving. This will allow donations to be channeled into other worthy causes. We have a list of charities in our CharityandU sector that U might consider donating to.

andUandU's General Expense Account

The scale of andUandU is enormous but it is an organization that can help handle most of our earth's needs under one umbrella. The andUandU… organization and its Five Sectors: CommunityandU, HelpandU, OurenvironmentandU, CharityandU and OurearthandU are all important. Money can be donated to andUandU... by clicking on Help Us! on this site.

The money will be used for:

(1) Turning andUandU from a Non- distributing corporation to a Nonprofit Corporation. This is not an easy task because of andUandU's size and scope.

There is a myriad of paperwork that has to be completed and it has to be done legally. We will get a respected legal firm to make sure the transition to a Non-profit goes smoothly.

Every idea that I have come up with needs to be expanded on and put in terms that gives U a better understanding of what we are trying to accomplish and how we can be successful. All this takes time and money. Working together we can make every aspect of andUandU... a reality and our earth and its inhabitants will benefit immensely.

(2) Buying, building, or leasing our Headquarters.

Because of our huge growth potential, we need to be in buildings where there are accessible space to grow.  We do not need a grandiose building as there is so much need on our earth that we need to be frugal with our money.

andUandU's Location Requirements.

We will need a suitable location. ANDUANDU...Inc. is a Canadian Corporation, but it is up to our Guardian the Enabler(s), me, and possibly other prominent individuals if we were to move to another country.

Wherever ANDUANDU INC.If our Sectors locations are, we would need to have a huge growth potential, we would need to have the infrastructure to house and transport our people and also those that will want to attend our functions. The locations would need to have plenty of hotel, motels and at least one Conference Centre nearby. Eventually, we could build our own Conference Centre when the need for its space is justified enough. That Conference Centre need to be rented or leased at times when we are not using it.

All andUandU...Inc. headquarters would have to be close to public transport because we would encourage our volunteers, workforce and others who go to our headquarters to take public transport. We want to set an example of how we can make a smaller impact on our environment.

I believe the Toronto area is a good fit for andUandU... It is in Canada and close by air to many major U.S. cities and not far by air to where I live in Nova Scotia.

andUandU... What's in a Name?

andUandU...  There is love inside of U, for many LOVE=GOD

We all have love within us, sometimes that love is seldom shown but with proper nurturing it can be exposed. Ever growing U: the more people hear about us, the more people around the world will want to be part of us. We can continue to grow as long as there is love wanting to be shared. Followers of andUandU... put aside the mememe... attitude because U have become a more caring and loving person. andUandU... is the people for the people.

The benefits of being a part of andUandU... are that people know that U are part of an entity that is based on the love of one another, we have ur best interests, and that of our earth as our core value.

Funding for andUandU… at the beginning will be arranged by the special person or persons that contact us via The Enabler(s) and then are chosen to become Our Enabler(s). Perhaps the person who is chosen to be our Guardian can arrange to get support for us. Money can come from governments, corporations, special interest groups, foundations, wealthy people, including the top 10 billionaires (see the, prominent people, and individuals like U. We believe all should feel that if andUandU became a functioning entity we would all benefit. To understand why look at our 5 Sectors. 


There will be major changes to this website once we begin to function.

Our Ideas  |  Get Involved | The Philosophy of "U"  |  Mission Statement  |  Salvation | The Glory of Love | Mark A. Matheson | Domains for U  |








We can unite people around our earth.

We can make U feel like U have worth.

Through andUandU… our goals can be reached.

There is no mountain that cannot be breached.

We can strive to fulfill ur needs.

We can be known for our good deeds.

We can have the answers to many prayers.

We are the organization that really cares.

We can fight for what is right.

We can turn darkness into light.

All people will be able to relate to us.

We try not to cuss.

We can help U find ur way.

We can motivate the masses to pay.

We can help resolve the critical issues we face.

We can help save the human race.

We can turn cries into laughter.

We can be around forever after.



A world where we stand united, upholding the rights of humanity.


To unite our earth under an ANDUANDU…banner. To champion many of the causes that humanity finds dear by becoming one voice that will be heard and abided by or we will collectively bring change our way.